First 90-days challenge

This is my 3rd day at work. I have found a place for my bike in the garage, and I know how to navigate to my seat at the City Hall. Basic infra is working. City Hall is right in front of the market square – wonderful location!



I have had discussions with the Mayor Jan Vapaavuori and City Manager Sami Sarvilinna this week, and they have given me pretty clear and inspiring task:

During the first three months, deep dive to the organization and try to meet as many people as possible. Listen to people,  and learn what they are doing and what are the issues and problems they are facing. Understand where the biggest opportunities are, and where digitalisation can help.  Then come up with a bold plan that you present to the city management team.


The city of Helsinki has 37 000 employees, so I have a long list of people to meet: deputy mayors, executive directors in the divisions, ICT and digitalisation people, Helsinki Marketing, Forum Virium,… I try to focus on listening and asking many questions.

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