Tubecon is all about communities and doing things together

Helsinki is a great place to organise events like Tubecon. Tubecon is a community-driven event for the YouTubers and their fans.

Friend of mine, Risto Kuulasmaa, one of the co-founders, now responsible for the international business development, gave me a tour at the Helsinki venueMessukeskus. I was impressed to feel and see how energetic and versatile the event is; energy is like in the Slush but concept and target audience is completely different.

Risto and me in the neon lights

Let’s say, I was in the minority.  Rarely you see hundreds of children and pre-teens queueing for the “meet and greet” with their favourite vlogger. Many companies, police, church, Yle Kioski, MLL etc. had their stand at the venue. You could watch Angry Birds championships, e-gaming streams or get make-up tips from your favourite fashion vlogger.

I learned from Risto that

  • Last year Tubecon Helsinki gathered 17 500 visitors. This Friday seemed to be busier than last year, so hopes are high to break the visitor record
  • Helsinki event has 200 local youtube stars. In addition, there are visitors from 15 different countries, embassies have been active in inviting international visitors
  • In addition to Finland,  Tubecon is currently active in 10 countries including Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Helsinki Tubecon is a “testing platform” for refining the format that is now licensed to already 10 different countries
  • Every country has YouTube culture and stars of their own.  In Finland the biggest genres are
    • Vlogging
    • Gaming
    • Fashion and Beauty
  • Tubecon is community-driven event and it has been organised through a co-creative method, together with the local creators.

I think we have a lot to learn from the community-driven culture manifested at the Tubecon.  I am happy to see how The City of Helsinki can serve as an innovative testing platform for positive and energetic events like Tubecon!


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